If you’ve ever thought about outcome-based pricing, you’re in the right place

We help companies easily implement outcome-based pricing to grow profitability and gain more market share.

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SteamChain Removes The Complexity Of Outcome-Based Pricing

Align incentives between you and your end-user

Gain a competitive advantage while increasing your margin

Implement a strategy to sell new unproven technology

Outcome-Based Pricing Doesn’t Have To Be Risky or Complex

  • Don't be forced into implementing company-wide change before completing a proof of concept.
  • Don't select a vendor without all the proper framework and technical guidance for security, document mgmt, and info accuracy requirements.
  • Be sure to select the right partner to develop the right business model that fits your marketplace.

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SteamChain is the first company to automate this process for OEMs

You previously avoided outcome-based pricing because it required you to manage multiple manual processes simultaneously, and connect different systems to collect the necessary tracking data to make this model work.

This wasn’t secure, it was time-consuming, the complexity lead to errors, and ultimately it was not worth the added trouble and change.

Thanks to SteamChain, outcome-based pricing is a breeze:

Is it automated? Traditional Pricing Strategy SteamChain
Data Collection & Storage
Secure & Private Data
Contracts & Warranties
Financial Calculations
Automated Invoicing & Payment
Clarity on how to increase customer productivity


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SteamChain allows us to let customers buy what they want in the first place, which is output, throughput and efficiency—not packaging machinery.

Michael Senske

CEO, Pearson Packaging Systems


SteamChain’s suite of solutions simplifies machine investment for end-user businesses and generates more post-sale revenue for OEMs.

Performance-based Warranties

Traditional warranties provide replacement parts and service when machines break down. They do not provide coverage for the performance of the asset. With SteamChain’s performance-based warranties, all of that changes. Our contracts and claims are executed automatically at certain productivity and performance intervals to ensure that machines will operate at or above their contracted level of performance.

Usage-based Financing

SteamChain’s usage-based financing model dramatically lowers the initial capital investment required to use new equipment. Rather than paying a lump sum fee, OEM end-users pay incrementally over time to use the machinery. At the same time, equipment manufacturers generate ongoing recurring revenue based on the machine’s production output (units produced) or uptime.

Feature Management

Feature management brings a new level of flexibility to SteamChain’s platform. It enables OEMs to deploy advanced features and upgrade options to existing machines using a subscription-based model. With this new capability, end-users can fully customize their machinery to the desired production.

Automated Service Agreements

Through SteamChain’s automated service agreements, OEMs and end-users can take the complexity out of service agreements by optimizing equipment performance and conducting regular service checks using real-time machine data as the basis for scheduling and deployment.

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