Steamchain is changing the way companies and machine builders deploy machines and improve productivity.  The Steamchain platform enables companies to deploy Machine-as-a-Service  (MaaS)  models that measures a variety of critical machine productivity parameters in real-time and then uses them to calculate transactional payments based on the machine’s overall performance.  The end result is that both the end user of the machine and the machine builder have mutual incentives to invest in optimizing the machine’s performance and realize rewards for continuous improvement.

SteamChain Application Modules

What the Industry is Saying About Us

Here is the latest news about SteamChain.

Michael Senske, president & CEO of Pearson Packaging Systems, had been toying with the idea of offering the company’s end-of-line case erectors, packers and sealers in a Machine-as-a-Service model for a few years.

Machine as a service (MaaS) and blockchain manage and secure machine data and transactions. Blockchain, while known for its use in the financial world, is being used by Steamchain, a start-up company, to provide secure financial and machine information design to help end users and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Companies like Steamchain are working to develop applications tailored to clients’ problems and business needs. Early APIs and platforms also enable end users to easily access blockchain, similar to the way Web browsers, paired with an Internet data connection, allow users to access the Internet.

SteamChain is unlike any other Industrial IoT company in the market today. They don’t just create dashboards that need to be monitored. They enable new business models that bring purpose to clients IIoT investments by connecting financial transactions to machinery performance.

Steamchain was selected to participate in Gener8tor's 2017 fall class.
Gener8tor is a nationally ranked accelerator that invests in high-growth startups by supporting the growth of startups through their network of experienced mentors, technologists, corporate partners, angel investors and venture capitalists.

Steamchain was selected by StartUp Milwaukee as one of the top 25 local companies that are poised to grow and scale in the Milwaukee market by creating good jobs and moving the local economy forward.

Performance Based Warranties

Provide unique value with an outcome based warranty. Give your customers peace of mind by standing behind the as-sold specification with this new take on warranty.

Usage Based Financing

Financial compensation based on number of units produced. Aligns both OEM and end-user incentives.

Feature Management

Develop new revenue streams from your installed base with the Steamchain platform. Allow customers to manage the features and performance options on their equipment all from a convenient dashboard and connected with our secure transaction engine to automate the delivery of high margin upgrades!

Automated Service Agreements

Insure optimal machinery performance and increase post sales revenue with Automated Service Agreements.

The Steam Locker

The ability to track your physical products, machine documents, and manuals. Allows the user to validate code and provenance of the product over its lifecycle.

Custom Engineering Services

Solution Development

Steamchain leverages performance-based data to design new business models. In addition to our standard platform, SteamChain offers custom design solutions to help OEMs generate incremental revenue.

Smart Contract Development

Steamchain develops and deploys smart contracts on behalf of our clients.

Secure IoT Communications

Our blockchain-based Secure Transaction Engine enables OEMs to deploy multi-party contracts to manage financing, operation, service and warranties for machines and devices. 


Manufacturing technology consulting services.  

The Steamchain Technology

Utilizing blockchain technology, Steamchain aggregates transparent machine data from multiple platforms and displays machine data that drives business. This transparent data generates trust between OEMs and end-users. Blockchain technology will now allow automated transactions between the OEM and end-user based on the life-time performance of the machine. 

Our Team

Michael Cromheecke - CEO

Michael Cromheecke has 17 years’ experience at Rockwell Automation. His background includes the acquisition and growth of early-stage robotics technology companies as well as the creation and development of multi-million dollar, cloud-based software platforms. Mike has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University.

Tom Tichy - CTO

Tom Tichy has 17 years’ experience working in manufacturing technology, including developing the architecture and leading software development activities at Rockwell Automation. Tom has a degree in Applied Mathematics from Kettering University and a master’s degree in Computer Science from Cleveland State University.

Christopher Zei - Advisor

Christopher Zei is a growth-focused global executive with a strong track record in helping organizations develop sustainable revenue growth. Setting the vision, developing a well understood strategy, and building out global organizations to execute the go-to-market strategy have resulted in transformational changes across companies. 

Joe Kann - Advisor

Joe Kann is a veteran technologist and strategist with over 30 years of experience in driving growth and innovation in manufacturing and industrial companies. After a rich and fulfilling career at Rockwell Automation, Joe retired in January 2017. He has now formed Cobble Creek Solutions, a consulting and advisory practice helping businesses and their investors develop new growth opportunities at the intersection of industrial markets and emerging technologies.

Jared Swarts - Lead Developer

Jared Swarts is former principle software engineer for The NERDERY development firm in Minneapolis and has 10+ years experience developing solutions for leading corporations including numerous years working with Rockwell Automation on their online Motion Analyzer platform.

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