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Steamchain harnesses machine performance data to reimagine how manufacturers and end-users produce, invest and grow. Our Machine-as-a-Service solutions not only improve machine productivity and performance, but allow businesses to accelerate toward desired outcomes.


The Steamchain (Secure Transaction Engine for Automated Machinery) platform allows real-time equipment data to be used as the foundation for secure agreements and transactions between OEMs and end-users. From contracts and financing to warranties, service and more, Steamchain creates more post-sale revenue for OEMs and simplifies machine investments for end-user businesses. The result? More opportunities for both to collaborate and innovate.

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Steamchain allows us to let customers buy what they want in the first place, which is output, throughput and efficiency—not packaging machinery.

Michael Senske

CEO, Pearson Packaging Systems

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The point of MaaS, Cromheecke said, is about selling the outcome of the asset through machine performance metrics plus contract terms, and providing a financial transaction that benefits both parties in a secure environment where the data cannot be tampered with.

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Steamchain’s smart contracts also provide a secure way to handle warranties without the possibility of people making mistakes or being manipulated.

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Companies like Steamchain are working to develop applications tailored to clients’ problems and business needs. Early APIs and platforms also enable end users to easily access blockchain, similar to the way Web browsers, paired with an Internet data connection, allow users to access the Internet.

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Michael Cromheecke


Michael Cromheecke has 17 years’ experience at Rockwell Automation. His background includes the acquisition and growth of early-stage robotics technology companies as well as the creation and development of multi-million dollar, cloud-based software platforms. Mike has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University.

Tom Tichy


Tom Tichy has 17 years’ experience working in manufacturing technology, including developing the architecture and leading software development activities at Rockwell Automation. Tom has a degree in Applied Mathematics from Kettering University and a master’s degree in Computer Science from Cleveland State University.

Christopher Zei

CMO, Board Member

Christopher is a growth-focused global executive with a strong track record in helping organizations develop sustainable revenue growth. Setting the vision, developing a well-understood strategy, and building out global organizations to execute go-to-market strategies has resulted in transformational changes across companies.

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