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SteamChain harnesses machine performance data to reimagine how manufacturers and end-users collaborate, invest, and grow.

Machine-as-a-Service Solutions

Our platform enables the monetization of machine productivity and performance by leveraging real-time equipment data as the foundation for secure agreements and transactions. There’s no complicated software to install; just meaningful value created for both machinery manufacturers and their customers by using existing machinery data to transform their collaboration. SteamChain’s machine-as-a-service platform automates these business processes enabling transformational opportunities for your business.

Built on secure blockchain technology, SteamChain’s machine-as-a-service platform gives original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) the ability to efficiently validate machine data and prove that a process meets contract goals. SteamChain can be deployed alongside your existing Industrial IoT architecture or as a stand alone solution so that any equipment manufacturer or end user can create agreements that ensure transparent contract terms based on machine performance.

Plus, with our machine-as-a-service cloud-based management utility (built on Microsoft Azure), automated packaging manufacturers can gain greater visibility into their security and flexibility. They can also better visualize performance as well as advanced manufacturing financial metrics.


SteamChain’s suite of solutions simplifies machine investment for end-user businesses and generates more post-sale revenue for OEMs.

Performance-based Warranties

Traditional warranties provide replacement parts and service when machines break down. They do not provide coverage for the performance of the asset. With SteamChain’s performance-based warranties, all of that changes. Our contracts and claims are executed automatically at certain productivity and performance intervals to ensure that machines will operate at or above their contracted level of performance.

Usage-based Financing

SteamChain’s usage-based financing model dramatically lowers the initial capital investment required to use new equipment. Rather than paying a lump sum fee, OEM end-users pay incrementally over time to use the machinery. At the same time, equipment manufacturers generate ongoing recurring revenue based on the machine’s production output (units produced) or uptime.

Feature Management

Feature management brings a new level of flexibility to SteamChain’s platform. It enables OEMs to deploy advanced features and upgrade options to existing machines using a subscription-based model. With this new capability, end-users can fully customize their machinery to the desired production.

Automated Service Agreements

Through SteamChain’s automated service agreements, OEMs and end-users can take the complexity out of service agreements by optimizing equipment performance and conducting regular service checks using real-time machine data as the basis for scheduling and deployment.

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SteamChain allows us to let customers buy what they want in the first place, which is output, throughput and efficiency—not packaging machinery.

Michael Senske

CEO, Pearson Packaging Systems

About Us

Founded in 2017 by engineering, industrial automation, and technology veterans, SteamChain is committed to strengthening and simplifying relationships between OEMs and end-users. Our platform is designed to enable OEMs to transform their machine’s data into measurable business growth through recurring income, better access to machine data, and improved quality assurance. By shifting to a Machine-as-a-Service model that uses blockchain, industrial IoT manufacturers can create a secure model for greater manufacturing optimization, faster decision making, and higher efficiency on the plant floor. Join us on our mission to redefine the modern manufacturing experience.

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SteamChain seeks to help assuage those concerns with a MaaS model using blockchain to provide usable, helpful data for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end users. Not to be confused with one of the powering forces for the first industrial revolution, the acronym in the company’s name stands for secure transaction engine for automated machinery (steam).



Stop Losing Orders Due to Price with Machine-as-a-Service

Let’s cut to the chase: Machine-as-a-Service could be your new secret weapon that gets you a competitive edge in the market. Over time, the industrial equipment market has become increasingly competitive. There are more and more machine builders around the...

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