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Jared Swarts - Lead Developer

Jared Swarts is former principle software engineer for The NERDERY development firm in Minneapolis and has 10+ years experience developing solutions for leading corporations including numerous years working with Rockwell Automation on their online Motion Analyzer platform.

Joe Kann - Advisor

Joe Kann is a veteran technologist and strategist with over 30 years of experience in driving growth and innovation in manufacturing and industrial companies. After a rich and fulfilling career at Rockwell Automation, Joe retired in January 2017. He has now formed Cobble Creek Solutions, a consulting and advisory practice helping businesses and their investors develop new growth opportunities at the intersection of industrial markets and emerging technologies.

Christopher Zei - Advisor

Christopher Zei is a growth-focused global executive with a strong track record in helping organizations develop sustainable revenue growth. Setting the vision, developing a well understood strategy, and building out global organizations to execute the go-to-market strategy have resulted in transformational changes across companies. 

Tom Tichy - CTO

Tom Tichy has 17 years’ experience working in manufacturing technology, including developing the architecture and leading software development activities at Rockwell Automation. Tom has a degree in Applied Mathematics from Kettering University and a master’s degree in Computer Science from Cleveland State University.

Michael Cromheecke - CEO

Michael Cromheecke has 17 years’ experience at Rockwell Automation. His background includes the acquisition and growth of early-stage robotics technology companies as well as the creation and development of multi-million dollar, cloud-based software platforms. Mike has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University.

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