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6 Ways Advancement in Industry Technology is Changing Manufacturing

Industry 4.0, often termed “The Fourth Industrial Revolution,” is dramatically changing the manufacturing business. It uses digital technologies to make manufacturing flexible and consumer-responsive by tracking production and using large varieties of data to make improvements. Manufacturers see rises in their productivity, overall revenue, and customer satisfaction through the use of industry technology.

Check out these 6 ways Industry 4.0 can benefit your business:

Increase Productivity

New technology can both predict and prevent downtime, as well as optimizing maintenance and equipment effectiveness. As a result, with downtime being minimized and production maximized, you save on costs and increase what you’re able to accomplish. Utilizing sensors indicates how much you produced, how many items are defective, and how much time it has taken for production, in addition to offering other valuable insights. As a result, you can zero in on specific machinery or personnel which can be in need of a little push in the right direction.

Lower Costs

Production monitoring, quality control, predictive maintenance, and higher automation saves in both operating and maintenance costs, as well as reducing the need of hiring people for monitoring and maintenance in the first place. Even more, with the use of 3-D printers, you can have faster and more inexpensive prototyping that accelerates the pace of achieving time to market.

Improve Quality

With real-time quality control, you can get data from every point of your production process, helping you to see how changing conditions and each stage of manufacturing can affect overall product quality. More data, such as changing heat levels, the number of defective products, and specific machine efficiency levels can help show what’s restricting you from producing items with the highest quality possible, as well as what’s going right and successfully meeting your expectations.

Increasing Innovation

The smart products and technology advancements that smart factories are adopting allow more flexibility and freedom for innovation. Through the use of new internet applications and revolutionary concepts, such as 3-D printing, manufacturers now more than ever have come to see sparks of innovation flowing through new terms of production and efficiency.

Get the Competitive Edge

Of course, revolutionary digital technologies will help you compete in the market and grow at a faster pace. With automated processes, social connectivity, higher quality, and heightened efficiency, product satisfaction skyrockets, making you the top contender for consumers’ dollars and consistently bringing them back to your business.

Transform Your Business

Many manufacturers shy away from new technologies in fear of change, as well as time and cost investments, not taking into account the benefits that they are bound to reap as a result of the adoption of new technology. All the new forms and sources of data can be overwhelming, and the know-how it appears to require to take advantage of new technology can be daunting.

Change is never easy, whether or not you see it as necessary for your company to be successful and competitive. Industry 4.0 Technology has all the tools you need to automate and simplify every part of manufacturing, transforming both the way your business runs and your ability to devote time to determine where you want your business to be headed. The use of technology for gathering and analyzing information unquestionably affects your goals, productivity, and overall success as a company; when you have a digital eye on every part of the process, nothing can slip through your fingers.

We get it; the new technologies on the horizon are intimidating. That’s why you don’t have to go it alone. SteamChain is an expert on Industry 4.0 and can guide you through the implementation of smart factory assets to help get you going, stress-free. Be the change that your business needs, and utilize the revolutionary digital technologies you’re looking for with the assistance of the knowledgeable, helpful partner you want.

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